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17th Dec 2021, 10:00 AM in Like That
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Author Notes:
I find it interesting writing characters far more confident than I am. It makes me have feelings like "Is this okay? Is this how other people would act in this scenario?" because I myself have no confidence, as you could probably tell from some of the way I spoke in some of the earlier author's notes. I'm much more at home writing for how Pastel would act in this regard, because she's much closer to my level of confidence and extraversion. I mean, I wouldn't go around asking my housemates about their sexualities out of pure curiosity. Then again, I'm not Latex, am I?

Do I have more to say about this topic? Kinda. Is this author's note already a bit long? Yes. Maybe I'll come back to this topic again some time.

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User comments:
Meanwhile, I feel more at home writing confident, strong and overbaring characters because I hate the way I act in public so much, my characters are a form of escapism. I'm shy and timid irl and can't ask my boss for a new hat without shitting myself and crying, and only a small few of my characters are like that. I write and draw what I wish I could be, I guess lol