10th Dec 2021, 10:00 AM in Like That
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Author Notes:
The thing about having comics scheduled for release is that I have to write an author's note right then and there, when I schedule the post. This means that if I write about something in an author's note, then someone mentions the same topic in a comment on a previous page before the new one goes up, I have to go back and change the author's note so I don't sound insane.

So now, instead of me talking about accidentally making Latex's shirt look like a labcoat, I have to talk about something else, because someone else already brought it up. Thanks, Guest :P (I'm not mad, it's just funny)


...Y'all seemed to have a thing for Deadly's abs in the previous page's comments, huh?

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User comments:
How very Jojo in panel 5.
I don't know how much it shows outside of this instance, but I may or may not be a big Jojo fan ;P