9th Nov 2021, 10:00 AM in Profession
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Author Notes:
It's a bit of an awkward transition at the end there, but I think the joke pays it off. In my opinion, at least. I would assume at this point that we have a similar sense of humour, you and I, dear reader, given that you've come this far.

...That sentence felt weird. It seems weird to pretend that these notes are like a 1 to 1 conversation, even for a joke. I dunno, I like the idea of speaking to an audience rather than pretending like I'm speaking to one person. Contrary to real life, funnily enough, because I hate speaking to a group IRL. I'm too shy.

Too Pastel, I might say.

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User comments:
"We probably have a similar sense of humor" Me, laughing my ass off at Latex's dopey looking reading glasses
She need them to read!
She looks like a grandma in them, and I wouldn't have it any other way. You probably didn't think twice about them, yet they're top teir humor to me.
It's interesting how her eyes function in regard to her ability (trying to comment without spoilers is a bit difficult) and yet she needs glasses to read... XD