Be Mature About This
22nd Oct 2021, 10:00 AM in Profession
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Be Mature About This
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Author Notes:
It's become a little less clear with how dark the colouring ended up being, but I'm quite proud of the lineart for these panels. I kind of wish I'd saved a version of it from before I did the colours, but oh well. I've become a bit more confident in how to draw backgrounds and scenes with a little more detail lately, particularly with streets. Partly because this time I remembered to actually look at photos I'd taken for reference images, but shush. Backgrounds like these ones were always something I struggled with in the past and had trouble really getting right when I felt brave enough to try, but it seems like I'm getting the hang of it.

Yay me!

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User comments:
For what it's worth, if a tall demon dominateix applied at MY job I would hire her in a heartbeat.
You and me both, ngl
Stefbano (Guest)
The next page can't come fast enough!
That might be the perfect place to ask.