8th Oct 2021, 10:00 AM in Profession
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I wish I had the fortitude to be able to go vegetarian, but I really do like food with meat a bit too much. Well, it's partly that and partly because I don't like a lot of vegetables very much. Call me a picky little baby all you want, but that won't stop me from not eating my veggies. It's kinda funny, since one of the few vegetables I do like is peas, but most people don't like peas, and the vegetable I despise the most is onion, which most people like. At least, most people in my experience. I dunno, maybe I just hate onion so much that it makes other people seem like they like it more just by comparison. Funnily enough, pumpkin is another one I don't really like either. Little weird that's the case but I still decided to make an entire character whose name is Pumpkin, huh?

Anyway in short I'm not a vegetarian.

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User comments:
I, and my dog, have never met a vegetarian yet we liked......LOL
I'm allergic to onions and cinnamon, and believe that a healthy diet is actually a good mix of meat, dairy, veggies, and fruits.
Still waiting on this weeks Pumpkin spice ad........LOL
Llywenna (Guest)
We aren't designed to be strictly vegetarian, we can survive, sort of, but we need to add all sorts of supplements if we can't get the things we need from meat.
People can do what they want to, what irks me is they always have to demand that everyone else do it too while sticking their fingers in their ears and 'la-la-laing' whenever confronted with things they don't like to hear.
And when they try to make their pets 'vegan' too, there's a term for making a cat into a vegetarian, it's called 'killing it'.

That's why they created wean them back slowly since it's not 'real' meat ;)

Llywenna (Guest)
The best food, the perfect food, the ultimate blend of meat, dairy, veggies and fruits is still the pizza...ANY pizza :)


Y is this a thing
I love meat and veggies. Chicken, peas, broccoli, beef, fish...I'll eat almost anything put in front of me, really. Onions are one of my favorites, though, almost anything I cook gets the onion treatment nnsnabsbfbd
Llywenna (Guest)
There was widespread rioting in India a few years back when the price of onions jumped, nothing like what's probably going to happen this winter here but it was bad.

I pity those allergic to onions, they make just about any meal more savory.

Llywenna (Guest)
stupid tags...I suppose I should login to post, but that's too much like work

Llywenna (Guest)
We can't even blame the craze on today's fads...