5th Oct 2021, 10:00 AM in Profession
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Author Notes:
I haven't done a low text/low dialogue page like this in a while. I actually quite like them, it's just that Poison Mind is a relatively dialogue heavy story, so the focus is more on characters talking to each other or saying things. I think if I get around to ever making one of my more action-y stories into a reality I'd enjoy the change in pace. Though if that were to happen it would probably still have a lot of dialogue heavy sections :P

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User comments:
Llywenna (Guest)
She could always have a quick hot snack...until now...
The pumpkin spice Lindor was heresy, this is blasphemy !!!
Apparently, this is a real thing. So much for dinner :(

Fun fact: Pumpkins were an staple crop of the early colonial period in the Americas and were eaten with every meal. In fact it may have been served at the first Thanksgiving.
Ohhh, I love pumpkin soup :D Not sure about raw pumpkins.