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7th Sep 2021, 10:00 AM in The Demon House
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Author Notes:
I was originally going to do this over two pages, but I couldn't figure out how to get the first two panels to consume a full page in a way that I liked. The problem is that the first panel wants to be a vertical panel, then the second one wants to be horizontal, and it's like... ehh?? Because that makes like an 'L' shape with an empty spot on the top right. So I just tried to smoosh them down into one spot.

Is smoosh even a real word? I don't think it matters.

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User comments:
I'm really trying to figure out what to say here.
As far as your panel layout goes, this is spot on! What you were trying to convey came across easy and was understood.
Undressing at high speed as a super power is a very hard technique to pull off, but you did it quite well here.
Flip side of that coin have this comic marked NSL on the comic profile page..... Was kinda expecting with her personality, to actually watch her lose All the clothing.......LOL.
With that said though, I'm liking the personality's you are putting into these OC's. Its rather refreshing! Especially between Poison and Pastel. That is a NEAT clash!
Still liking your artwork too.... Keep up the great work!
Thanks for sharing this!
I actually only marked it for nudity because of the very first page and I don't really plan to have it happen again, funnily enough. Though you are right that it would have made sense for her to lose everything there given her personality :P Now that you mention it, though, maybe I will find a spot to do it again if you're lucky.
Look... I know Pumpkin Likes putting a tough front and all that but she ain't fooling me! That belly flop must've hurt! Ouch... Hurts me just watching it. XD