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27th Aug 2021, 10:00 AM in The Demon House
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Author Notes:
There was originally a different conversation here about how Poison and Deadly chose who got which room, but I felt it was lacking and wanted to replace it with something. As I wrote more and more, I found the questions Deadly asks here nagging at the back of my mind, so I guess... I just figured I'd put it in. As I wrote it I realised that this conversation kinda plays into the overall theme, unlike what used to be here, so it's better, actually.

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User comments:
Oldarmourer (Guest)
Once again a few things caught my untrained (but knows what it likes) eye.
In the first panel, the impressions she makes lying on it look perfect.
The little details, like how her underwear is cut so the tail goes over instead of through it and still looks like something ordinary is a nice touch.
The perspective and shading are about as good as anyone's going to get and the overall look of the whole page when viewed at once is well balanced.
Again, I have zero artistic ability, but I have well over a thousand comics bookmarked in various folders, a few hundred of which I read as they update, and while I need a good storyline to keep my interest, the art in some keeps me coming back as well.
I log on to two really insightful comments from you, damn, thanks so much! Honestly I'm surprised there's that much to say about my art just from this page alone, I doubt I could say that much about it (and I'm the one who's been drawing it all). Glad to hear that my comic's one of the ones worth coming back for :)