24th Aug 2021, 10:00 AM in The Demon House
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Author Notes:
Upon reflection (to a few weeks ago) I think the main thing that pisses me off about trying to colour is that even after, what, 5 years of practice with these markers and even longer just doing art in general, I still sometimes struggle with colouring inside the lines. I mentioned this to a friend of mine the other day, but the majority of editing that goes into Poison Mind really is just correcting spots where I failed to colour in the lines properly.

And like, it's only ever by a tiny bit if at all (sometimes I can get it right :D), and it is happening less lately, but... I dunno, I should be better than that by now. Maybe I just need to be more careful.

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User comments:
Oldarmourer (Guest)
It's the markers that give it that unique style...buy a new set when they run out but nothing else needs done, any little bits of colours that leak outside the lines just makes it look like it was done by hand with effort put into it and not a computer program.
It's nice to hear that the effort I put in isn't invisble. Thanks for this <3
Oldarmourer (Guest)
The 'outside the lines' style is sometimes seen in what I call 'scribble art' and looks like someone gave a sugared-up five year old a marker and a bag of cocaine.
I usually just gloss over them once unless the writing is astoundingly good and not just rants, random cursing and obscure buzzwords, or painful to read sexual descriptions written by someone who's obviously never had any; which is a rarity, it's an uncommon style to be done well like this and I really like uncommon.
The shading in particular is very good, (qualifier: I have the artistic talent of a quadraplegic mongoose on meth), lots of more 'polished' comics don't so it that well, don't change anything.
I love this comic the more I read it AAAHHH!!
Glad to hear it :D
It's probably not intentional but that fourth panel makes me ship them soooo hard! <3