Pastel and Pumpkin's Room
13th Aug 2021, 10:00 AM in The Demon House
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Pastel and Pumpkin's Room
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Author Notes:
Spoilers: the rest of this chapter's mostly going to follow these two again. It's almost like they're the real protagonists! I found it a little difficult while writing up the first draft of the story to make sure everyone was getting enough time in the spotlight, but I ended up with at least a chapter or two for everyone. Obviously Poison and Deadly are going to have the most time overall because, well, that's how being the main characters works.

I managed to say all that stuff before even getting to what I actually wanted to write the author's note about: the fact that none of the background or anything is done digitally at all this time! I can't remember if I'd done any other 'purely' traditional pages or not yet, but aside from the text and a bit of touch up this page looks exactly the same on paper, and I'm proud of that! I like not being lazy and just going 'ehhh do a gradient for the sky or whatever' once in a while.

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User comments:
Its a good job! You have talent!
Still very much interested in seeing where this comic goes story wise.
That is actually fantastic! Great job on the page.