22nd Jun 2021, 10:00 AM in Adults
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Author Notes:
You saw her at the end of the previous page, but now here she is properly: Latex, the fifth main character!


One thing I was unsure on while writing was whether or not I should have changed her name, since unlike the other characters, her name has absolutely nothing to do with her ability (which we don't learn for a while). It's a remnant of something I mentioned in a previous author's note: the Inktober prompts I did last year that inspired these characters and subsequent story. The prompt was 'latex', so the character that eventually came from that was named Latex. I don't know if she ever had a latex-related ability at any stage of me writing this story, so... I guess it just stuck?

Oh well, I do what I want. It's my story, after all.

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User comments:
ah yes- now I can talk about Latex and ppl will have no idea what I mean when I start calling Latex a "her" HAHA
She already stole my heart.
Oldarmourer (Guest)
Not quite what I expected for her eyes but they look good.
'Latex' seems a little more forward than the others
This should be fun