18th Jun 2021, 10:00 AM in Adults
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Author Notes:
Here's a funny little story about this page.

I'd written this scene in my draft, but I didn't realise until thinking about it later that I had no idea what an adult store actually looked like. I solved this problem by going past an adult store in my city to take reference photos of the building, and I was surprised by how plain it looked (which is why I drew it plain). Like, from a distance, if it didn't have "Adult Store" written in big block letters on it, I would never have guessed what it was. I was way too embarrassed to go inside at all, though; I felt embarrassed enough just standing outside taking a couple of photos, even with no one else around! I think I'd have had an anxiety attack just trying to get through the front door.

Which is probably for the best, in hindsight, since I don't have the money or interest to have actually bought something while I was there.

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User comments:
Oldarmourer (Guest)
pity we can't see her eyes yet, should be cute when we do :)
K (Guest)
"ADULT BOOK STORE" in simple block letters. Yes. People shopping for porn do not want extra attention in town.

The stores out of town by the highway get the blackout treatment with pink, purple, and green neon however. Easier for long haul drivers to see.
JennaDasylve0n (Guest)
first panel: there is corn in this building.