Proud of You
16th Sep 2022, 10:00 AM in Halloween
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Proud of You
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Author Notes:
You didn't think you'd be seeing Apollo again at all, did you?

Well, I mean, I'm only really bringing them back for this one little spot in one panel, but they're back nonetheless. In retrospect I'm a little annoyed that I used a design I liked a lot on a fairly nothing character, and while I said previously that I get a bit of satisfaction from knowing other people get annoyed about it too, well... I don't, actually. I lied. Whoops!

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User comments:
Yeah! Bring Apollo for a movie night, or the Halloween party!
upon further inspection of Fire's hair... it gives me YuGiOh vibes for some reason...
Would you be surprised to hear the name of a manga series I am a big fan of