2nd Sep 2022, 10:00 AM in Halloween
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Author Notes:
Now this might sound surprising, but I actually don't celebrate Halloween. At least, not so far in my life. The most my family does on Halloween is have lollies ready in the pantry for if anyone from our neighbourhood does celebrate it and goes trick-or-treating. But we don't really do anything much ourselves.

Maybe if I had a little more control over my living space and a better ability to prepare a costume, I'd consider it, but as it stands, I literally don't have the money or physical space to buy new things, so... Oops.

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User comments:
I. . .need that outfit, like ASAP-
If I ever do celebrate Halloween in my life, I'm gonna cosplay as one the girls. The problem is: who should I choose...?

Edit: grammar.
The real problem, no matter who you pick, is how you're going to do the hair

Because honestly even I don't know how any of their hair works
Oh my... You're right. I'll need some serious research on that. XD