Love and Friendship
12th Aug 2022, 10:00 AM in Couple
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Love and Friendship
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Author Notes:
Something I think I've never talked about is when at times the text in speech bubbles will change font size from one bubble to the next, even when there's not really a change in how you're supposed to read it. Like, smaller text conveys that something's spoken softer, or is less relevant, but sometimes it just shifts for no reason. That's because when I plan the layout of pages, the speech bubble text is still hand-written, and my handwriting doesn't always have the same proportions as the font I'm using. So when the time comes to type it out, sometimes I have to mess with the size to get it to fit properly. Sometimes that leads to some weirdly shaped speech bubbles with a lot of empty space, because my handwriting fits space a little less rigidly than a font does.

So there's your fun fact for today.

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alr got my new favorite cannon ship, I'm super happy for Pastel ^^