29th Jul 2022, 10:00 AM in Couple
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Author Notes:
Now I'm a picky eater, but I'm no stranger to sharing food with friends or family while at a restaurant. I like to offer it so that we can save a little bit of money, or if one of us isn't feeling that hungry at the time. It's a nice experience. Sometimes it's as simple as sharing a side we both want, but sometimes we'll do it with a main. It makes for a neat moment where we can bond over whether or not we like the food. I mean, typically it forces whoever I'm sharing with to compromise on eating something "safer" in terms of flavour, because, as I said, I'm a picky eater, but there are times where I go out of my comfort zone.

Why is this the topic for today's author note? I dunno. Food's neat. I like eating food.

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User comments:
Llywenna (Guest)
'sharing' is the usual way to order food at Indian or Chinese restaurants around here, you order several dishes and then everyone takes some of each, and if someone doesn't like something then more for those who do as long as you make sure to order things they like too so they get lots of what they do like.
Or just go to a buffet restaurant, they're usually cheaper anyway :)
Llywenna (Guest)
It also wouldn't be the first time we've gone to a restaurant and walked out again after seeing the prices were way out of line.