12th Jul 2022, 10:00 AM in Couple
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I've mentioned before about taking photos of places to use for reference images, which you probably don't remember me saying given that it was many months ago at this point, but just in case you were potentially thinking about it: I did not set a building on fire and take photos of it as reference for the background of panel 5. Even if I lived in a perfect world where there were no legal, moral, or environmental reprecussions to buying a house and burning it to the ground to take photos of it, this comic (ie. me) doesn't have the budget for something like that.

Doesn't even have the budget to let a girl rent a place, let alone buy one.

If you want to fund my ability to commit arson for the sake of reference photoskeep making this comic, you can do so via my Ko-Fi
And in case you want to see more of my deranged mental state for some reason, check out my Twitter
User comments:
Ajax (Guest)
So her old family were fundamentalist holier than thou types?
LMFAO the comment thing when you leave the cursor on the comic is hilarious, made me smile quite big