Pumpkin Steals Other Peoples' Money #3
8th Jul 2022, 10:00 AM in Couple
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Pumpkin Steals Other Peoples' Money #3
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Author Notes:
I meant for this page to have each character on it, but both of the panels I could have fit Poison into were a bit too small for it. But hey, everyone else is here! It's been a little bit since they've all been in a scene like this. Fire hasn't been on a page with either Pastel or Pumpkin since the first page of chapter 5, even! Quite some time since then, huh?

I got mad at myself while sketching this page since I was having a bit of an off drawing day at first, then when I got to panel 7 I drew Pumpkin's face in the thought bubble perfectly in like ten seconds. I was like "man why couldn't I be doing this all along". Drawing's great :)

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User comments:
A night out sounds great for them. Looking forward to possible shenanigans. Also, since past debts were brought up... Deadly still owes Posion one dollar. :D