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10th Jun 2022, 10:00 AM in Talents
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Cover Page - Talents
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Author Notes:
It's not the most obvious, but the pose on this page is based on one from a chapter cover from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Y'all know I'm a Jojo fan right? I think I've mentioned it before. But anyway, I decided to try replicate that pose specifically because Pastel's started to show a bit more of her artistic side, and the character from that cover, Rohan Kishibe, is an artist. I thought that'd make for a neat easter egg. I mean, Pastel is absolutely nothing like Rohan personality-wise, but, uh... I do also just kinda like the pose.

Do I end a lot of author notes awkwardly? I feel like I do.

Chapter 9 on the 21st!

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User comments:
ok that chapter was so adorable, I loved it ^^
Seeing Pastel looking so confident in this cover is inspiring. I've been practicing drawing in the last few days and thanks to your webcomic and the encouragement of really important people in my life, I'll be starting my own artist career soon.
Damn she struck a POSE
a jojo pose, no less