Little Steps
10th Jun 2022, 10:00 AM in Talents
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Little Steps
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Author Notes:
And that's Chapter 8! I'm really happy with how it's turned out! I think I'm going to be pretty happy with the remainder of the story if I keep it to the same kind of quality I've been having lately.

Anyway, like usual with the end of a chapter, I'm taking a short break from posting for the next week. Yadda yadda, Tuesday the 21st, y'all know the drill by now.

It's funny, because this time I am actually forced to take a break instead of lying to help keep the backlog of scheduled posts high (my drawing arm has requested that I note that this is a cry for help), because as of today I'm going to be interstate and thus away from all my art stuff for a few days. I'm attending a regional tournment for the Pokemon TCG (might be a bit of a curveball to those of you who didn't know I play card games LMAO), which you'll probably see me posting at least something about on Twitter over the weekend. Hopefully I don't do garbage!

Either way, like I said, Chapter 9 starts on the 21st. See you then!

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User comments:
I forgot to mention how adorable this scene was. And yes, just like someone mentioned before, they do give off a "sisterly" vibe and all for it!

Also, more Poison acting like a teacher, please! XD