The Drawing
7th Jun 2022, 10:00 AM in Talents
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The Drawing
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Author Notes:
I've found myself distracted quite a lot lately thinking about which of two story ideas I want to try bring into the world once I'm done with Poison Mind. That's a while away, mind, so it really is a waste of thinking power for the time being, but it's a tough toss-up for me.

One is a story set in the same universe as Poison Mind (and is very tangentially connected to it), while the other isn't, so it makes more sense to say I should do the former, but honestly I'm still not sure. I feel like if I sleep on the latter story for too long it's one I'll lose interest in making.

Interestingly enough, that was a mindset that helped me push towards actually working on this story. So maybe it'll be a good idea to stick with my gut again. But really, who knows? I won't be making a decision on the matter for, like, another year, so...

...Also I totally meant to change my avatar when the last page dropped and not after this one. You saw nothing ;)

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User comments:
I love that she put it on the door, that's so adorable-
Loved the comic so far. Just created an account for the sole purpose of subscribing and getting notified of next updates. The other comments from today are mine as well, but since I didn't have an account yet, they are "anonymous". XD
Glad to hear you liked it :)