27th May 2022, 10:00 AM in Talents
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Author Notes:
Something I've been thinking about recently is whether or not you, the readers, are reading the alt text on each comic or not. Each page has an extra little joke or comment, hidden from view, only to be revealed by mousing over the image. Realistically, alt text should be used for image readability (ie. to describe the image it's attached to), but at that point I'd basically be writing a book alongside the comic, which isn't really the medium I want to tell this story in.

Also it would mean getting slapped in the face with a block of text if you hover the mouse over the image for anything longer than half a second, and that sounds annoying.

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User comments:
Wait, there's alt text?
You've been enlightened
I always search for the alt text in comic I read because sometimes there's a lot of funny stuff in there, my brain just sucks and I forget to point it out when I make a comment -n-u
Phones get no alt-text... *sad pan noises*
And now that I'm reading for the second time, I got to read all the alt text in the pages, Feels good...