13th May 2022, 10:00 AM in Talents
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Author Notes:
It's a been a little bit since a low-dialogue page like this has come up.

I've never really drawn too much of other people drawing before, so I had to really think about what the panels of Pastel actually making lines would look like. I think the close-ups focusing on the lines themselves look good.

Oh, and, uh, fun fact: The pencil lines in the close-up panels are straight up just pencil lines. Like, on the physical paper I drew this page on. I suppose you could just assume something like that, but... Look don't bully me I'm always struggling for ideas on what to write in these author's notes.

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User comments:
Pastel was definitely an artist in her previous life.
Effective prevention of over think using just pencil lines. I would not have guessed. Looks great.
No point in unnecessarily overcomplicating it, hey