10th May 2022, 10:00 AM in Talents
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Author Notes:
I'm actually really happy with this page. I don't really have a huge about to add here other than that, so, uh...

I dunno. How are y'all liking the comic so far? Got anything you wanna ask?

Maybe that'd be interesting to do; a little Q&A or something akin to that. I suppose that's what I'm doing now by saying "anything you wanna ask", aren't I? I mean, there's at least 50 of you reading, if the subscriber count is to be believed. Surely there's at least one of you that can think of a question. Not that I'd be able to answer them immediately because this will go up while I'm at work, but, then again, I'll have a good amount of time to answer them once I get home...

Is this rambling? Kinda. Sorry about that!

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User comments:
I sense something. . .something G A Y-
Putting the ol' gaydar to good use, I see
Watch Pastel bust out a whole damned micro-comic.

Anyways, I like the comic, not what I normally read but it's still good.
Now that sounds ilke a fun little experiment