I Owe You
3rd May 2022, 10:00 AM in Talents
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I Owe You
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Author Notes:
Those fourth and fifth panels are some of my favourites from recent memory. I like drawing cute stuff like that, if the amount of gay stuff beginning to happen in this story isn't tipping you off to that. Not that gay stuff has to be cute, of course, but for me, the two intersect a lot. As you can probably tell.

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User comments:
The shipping intesifys
I do love the iris shapes you have going on here. Never managed to get that down in my webcomic.
What do you mean by "iris shape"? Or am I misremembering which part of the eye the iris is
In particular, I like the third panel a lot. It feels like Pumpkin is trying to give Pastel a skimo (probably spelled that wrong) kiss. It's sooooo adorable!