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29th Apr 2022, 10:00 AM in Talents
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MP3 Player
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I was born in 2001, so I was around for MP3 players like what Pastel has here being popular (if only when I was rather young), but I myself haven't ever owned one. Well, technically, I owned an iPod Touch, which IIRC was marketed more as an MP3 player back in the day, since the concept of a "smart device" or whatever we want to call it wasn't really a thing. I didn't own it for the purpose of being an MP3 player, so in a way I never owned one.

But I like the concept of a device that has such a specific purpose as an MP3 player. Honestly, I'd own one, if I could get one cheaply, given how compact they can be compared to, say, my phone. Actually, with wireless earbuds being a thing nowadays as well, it'd be pretty easy to hide one on me while I'm at work so I could listen to music while working without getting into trouble...


If you want to fund me buying an MP3 player and wireless earbuds to break the rules at my workplace, you can do so via my Ko-Fi
And of course, my Twitter can be found here if you're interested in following me
User comments:
Llywenna (Guest)
I had a 'portable' record player that you could almost carry...
Ah yes, the portability of old, which was "portable" in the sense that you could, in theory, with some industrial lifting equipment and a team of strongmen, take it with you on the go
Llywenna (Guest)
I also had one you cranked up that played the big 78rpm records
Got it at an auction for a quarter and it even came with a whole box of replacement needles :)
I have a walkman does that count?? QwQ