Colour Change
19th Apr 2022, 10:00 AM in Talents
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Colour Change
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Author Notes:
Let's see, adding to the ever-growing list of evidence to suggest that this story is set in Australia, we now have "colour" being spelt that way. I can't be bothered going back and double checking if I've had to write "colour" so far in the story to see if this is a new development, but...

Oh hey, I see another word spelt differently to the US spelling on this page as well! Can you, keen-eyed reader, spot it?

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User comments:
An ability so powerful, it can change the color of characters' text in their speech balloons! (3rd panel, sorry about pointing it out.)
I went over this page HOW many times and I didn't pick up on that!?! I need a proofreader, it turns out!! Thank you, in fact, for pointing it out!!
Jason Moon
What gave you the cool idea to make the pupil of their eyes an icon? No anime I know of has ever thought of that
One of my favourite artists (link to their Twitter here) did it a lot in their own demon OC designs at the time I was making the characters initially, which gave me the idea to do it in my own. I don't know where they got it from but I thought it was a really cool design trait. I've always thought the heart-shaped pupils trope was kind of cute (don't really like how it's often used in a sexual context though), so it's also kind of like an evolution of that.
oops sorry i replied to this 3 times initially my computer weirded out on me
Llywenna (Guest)
Pretty much anywhere but the US spells it the proper way, c-o-l-o-U-r ;)
Espeon Person
Flavour :D
You found it!
Llywenna (Guest)
It wasn't lost ;)