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1st Apr 2022, 10:00 AM in Partner
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Cover Page - Partner
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Author Notes:
It's another one of these for the end of the chapter!

May I ask, to those of you who regularly follow this comic, do you prefer if I upload these sorts of things at the start of a new chapter or at the end of the current one? I have a feeling it might be causing a bit of confusion to do it alongside the end of the chapter, since you'd open the page to check for updates and it'd show this instead of the actual end of the chapter. If you have an opnion on it, please let me know.

Anyway, like I said on the last page, chapter 8 starts on the 12th. See you then!

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User comments:
I kinda like how it is rn, where at the end of a chapter you get a nice thumbnail, personally I think it helps mark where readers are so they can find specific parts once they see the page they're on, but that's just my own thoughts -w-
Yeah, that's how I feel about it as well. Thanks for the feedback!
At the end
Nooooo! You've covered Deadly's abs... WHYYYYY?!? Such heresy...