29th Mar 2022, 10:00 AM in Partner
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Author Notes:
So yes, if it was anywhere near unclear at this point, they're dating now. Or, in a relationship. Or, uh, girlfriends. Look, I don't know what the most perfect concise way to say it is, and that preference probably varies from person to person.

They're gay for each other. How about that?

Also, wow, ComicFury changed what the template I've been using for the site layout looked like while I wasn't looking! Not that I mind at all, but... It's certainly going to be something to adjust to, huh?

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User comments:
Love the comic keep it up
Thank you!
I'm gay for all of them as well! Does that count...?
Wait... Only now I noticed... Latex earrings also change! That's cool, but how/why? More lore to come... :D
Mat pat (Guest)
HELLO INTERNET AND WELCOME TO. Ummmmm is it film theory or game theory? I mean game theory does lore but it’s not including comics(unless you call manga a type of comic then it does) I mean technically it’s a silent film butttttt.... oh well I’ve gone to far in this rabbit hole.
XD Oh my... Thanks for the laugh!