Find out the Time and Date
8th Mar 2022, 10:00 AM in Partner
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Find out the Time and Date
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Author Notes:
I literally finished this page the day after a friend of mine and I watched a video where someone consciously makes an effort to not know what time it is (link to that here if you want to watch it), which is the exact opposite of this. I find the idea of not knowing the time to be kind of fascinating, because as the video in quesiton demonstrates, it's actually really easy to know what time it is, even accidentally. I might try to do an "I don't know what time it is" challenge myself some time.

Maybe if I didn't have a job it'd be a neat idea to try.

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User comments:
All that lewd hand holding.
pre-marital hand holding *gags*
Who are you trying to fool, Deadly? The fourth panel tells everyone you're also very into the romantic craft of holding hands.