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22nd Feb 2022, 10:00 AM in Partner
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Remember When
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Author Notes:
Oh they gay. They so very gay.

Trivia time: This is the first page in a while I've done the sky part of the background (panels 2 and 3) traditionally. I always use the same colours either way (because when I do it digitally I just colour pick the marker colour), but I figured since there was so little of it to do this time around I'd just do it with the marker to save a little bit of time. I usually don't go for it becuase it has a chance to smudge and because it tends to look a little nicer with a bit of a gradient.

Tune in next time for more creative process insights from me (Maybe? If I feel like it I guess).

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User comments:
Shipping intensifys!
You took the words out of my brain-
Scoombabno (Guest)
gay is epic
What's so special about being gay? Other than it's rare so you have an even harder time to find your significant other than us straight ones, well probably, unless you're gay for a certain person. But that aside?
From my perspective, what's special about it is that it's not the societally or culturally expected norm, and that being able to break away from and live outside of those norms is something worth celebrating. That's why we celebrate Pride Month, for example; being able to take pride in oneself despite what society wants out of you is something special.

And representing that in a story can be really helpful for letting people take that pride in themselves and be comfortable with it, both for the reader and the writer.

Like yes that means straight people don't really get an equivalent but for a long time people of other sexualities and identities didn't really get anything, y'know?
Ah. Hm. Thanks!
I'm not used to there still being acceptance problems about it. Note Not here (where I live), not within the circle the people I personally know or who know someone who is gay. AFAIK, the gay ones are not especially proud of it, it's, well, not needed when there's no resistance to it whatsoever, so they just live.