Two Hands
15th Feb 2022, 10:00 AM in Partner
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Two Hands
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Author Notes:
Hey everyone, it's my birthday! Just in time for Deadly committing violence! >:)

And just in time for just over a year of working on this comic, actually. I know technically 1 year was about a week ago, but never mind that. February 5th didn't line up to be on a Tuesday or a Friday this year, so I'd have needed to make a seperate post about it and I don't want to break up the flow of the uploads. Though, if I'm still not done by February 5th next year, that'll be on a Friday, so you'll get me talking about two years in that author's note. Something to look forward to, I suppose.

Anyway Happy Birthday me!

My Twitter, in case you want to follow for whatever reason, can be found here
And, if you want to support me making this comic, you can do so via my Ko-Fi (It'd be really sweet of you for my birthday 🥺 (You don't have to tho never feel obligated))
User comments:
Thank you!!
It's ok, Poison. A hot woman who can kick the living hell out of me leaves me speechless as well.