The Hand Hold
11th Feb 2022, 10:00 AM in Partner
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The Hand Hold
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Author Notes:
I originally considered playing into the classic internet joke of "hand holding is lewd" with the title and author's note, but if I'm honest I fucking hate that joke. First of all it gives holding hands a bad rep, which sucks, and second of all it's annoying as hell. You see a picture of two people holding hands and it's sweet and innocent and lovely and then the comments are a hurricane of "LEWD". It's tiring.

So don't be doing that in my comment section. I want you all to reply with "OMG GAY??????????? 👀" instead /j

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User comments:
Premarital hand holding?! Sus /j
I find hand holding to be really cute and romantic. The lewd part in this page are Deadly's exposed abs. Damn, girl!