8th Feb 2022, 10:00 AM in Partner
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Author Notes:
Welcome back everyone! We're here again with Poison and Deadly as they roam the streets, kinda like back in Chapter 1.

I know I said I'd give a recap of the end of the last chapter once it's over, but I think I'll worry about the details later when we go back to Pastel and Pumpkin. The short summation of it is that Pastel's upset, and Pumpkin wants to help her out tomorrow (in story time).

But we're not at tomorrow yet, since we have Poison and Deadly to follow around for a bit longer. Sorry to leave you hanging for the time being, Pumpkin and Pastel fans.

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Yeah! What if you forget all the rest of which you know now? Bad idea.
Hit, her Poison! You know you wanna... /jk