Cover Page - Like That
1st Feb 2022, 10:00 AM in Like That
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Cover Page - Like That
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Author Notes:
I'm super proud of how this image turned out. I've always had trouble with big backgrounds, and with cityscapes, so I was super scared with how it would turn out doing something as adventurous as this. But it turned out good! Even if it's a little bit plain in spots (as always I'm not the best with drawing plants and foliage :P), I think it looks awesome. Maybe I'll start being more confident with these sorts of things in the future.

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User comments:
Llywenna (Guest)
I like how the boots and sneakers have the same tread pattern, makes it harder to track them ;)
Obsessed with the outfits tho
Jason Moon
Love that cityscape* And the positions and how well you drew the backs of their shoes. Feet and shoes can be really hard and tricky! But you nailed it