7th Jan 2022, 10:00 AM in Like That
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Author Notes:
Hey hey hey, it's page number 100! I made it! Isn't that crazy!?

Well, actually, because of the cover pages, it's only page 94, but... We'll get there soon enough!

Anyway, so you know ahead of time, the rest of this chapter covers stuff regarding Pastel that might strike a nerve or two, so consider this as a content warning. It's nothing too shocking, but if self-loathing is a touchy subject for you to read about I'd consider holding off on reading through some of the coming pages and waiting for the end of the chapter. I'll recap the important bits of what happens when we get past it. Take care, everyone.

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User comments:
ThAtS kInDa SuS
Llywenna (Guest)
looks like a different sort of power than she thought she had ;)
Thanks for the warning! I'll risk it
(You can tell by the late comment that I'm even more behind with reading than you are with creating. No promises, too. Life is busy...)